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Custom Rubs, Blends and Smoked Sea Salts

For people on the go who love great food. Perfect for traveling, camping, or the RV lifestyle. No other ingredients necessary. All of my products are simple to use and Delicious!!!

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pork roast and vegetables seasoned with herbs de provence SEASONING SEA SALT PORK RIBS COOKED WITH SHERRY'S RIVER BOTTOM PORK RUB chicken with poultry rub

Customer Review:
Thank you Cookie from Clear Lake, Texas: My husband travels a lot for business and I go with him most times.. Each trip, I search local markets for spices/seasoning we can't get in Houston. When I came across Sherry's booth in League City, I was excited to find something new! I am a true skeptic on blends to make a dish. I am a trained chef and create all my dishes from scratch with my own seasonings. I've never perfected chili because I just don't cook it often. I bought her chili mix, again skeptical. Let me also say that with ANY pre-mix dish seasoning, I ALWAYS add SOMETHING, Period. NOT with this one!! I was seriously shocked that I didn't need to add one single ingredient!! I had to take some over to my mother in law (we're foodie sharers!) and turn her on to it as well! Sherry, thumbs up woman!! I will be buying from you again, and can't wait to try your other mixes for days I don't have the energy to think about dinner!! I might even lie about the chili next time and say it's mine!;) LOL

This is where it all culminates. Sherry`s personal line of Blends - Rubs and Sauces. The original concept of purchasing the best ingredients from around the world was to create the ultimate Blends - Rubs and Sauces.
Sherry`s - Blends- are simple to use, but the resulting flavors are awesome. All ingredients that you will need are in the Blends, in the exact proportions necessary to make a delicious dish. Simply sprinkle on your food, cook, enjoy.!!!
Sherry`s -Rubs - are extremely intense in flavor and require no additional ingredients. Put on your meat at room temperature and allow to sit for approximately twenty minutes. My Steak Rub gives the meat a deep Peppery flavor, like you would expect at the finest restaurants. Only the finest of ingredients are in these Rubs!!!
Sherry`s - Sauces - Tuscany Spaghetti and Texas Chili are delicious to the max, using Premium Spices and specialty Salts. Before I created Salt-Spices and More, I had been making these Sauces for more than thirty years. They are robust and deep flavored, "Gourmet" in every sense. The normal preparation time was four to five hours. By combining all the Spices for you, it now takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes to put it together. You add only tomatoes, your choice of meat, and water. Turn on your crock pot for four hours and go about your day. You will return to a delicious "Gourmet" meal. Detailed instructions are included.!!!

Salt-Spices and More is committed to bringing you the finest and freshest
Salts, Blends and Seasonings from all over the world to your kitchen.
"One try and you will be hooked for life."