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Hello, my name is Sherry Culver, and I , along with my husband Greg are the creators of Salt-Spices and more. Since I was a small child (nine years old) I have had a passion for cooking. Over the years I developed a desire to serve only the finest food, even if it was simply a sandwich or soup. I wanted it to be the best that I could possibly make. It is truly a joy to me when someone comments on how much they enjoyed a certain dish that I prepared.
Salt-Spices and more was born out of my desire to have access to the finest Salts and Spices available in the marketplace. I could never quite find Herbs and Spices that were fresh enough.
Much of my time was spent going from grocery store to grocery store in search of the freshest vegetables, meats, Herbs, and Spices around. Nothing seemed to cut it, in regards to Herbs and Spices. Naturally I proceeded to grow my own in small quantities, which never seemed to go far enough for daily cooking.
The cooking shows were also talking about some obscure Spice from this place and that. Well, how is the average cook supposed to get their hands on this Spice from the other side of the world?
I decided to start researching and communicating with people from around the world. The next thing you know Herbs, Spices, and Salts were arriving to my home from all over the world.
In order to share my passion with others, Salt-Spices and more was born.